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We pride ourselves with engineers coming from Formula 1 and America’s Cup background.
Experiences and competences merge in this high level professional group to provide unique and exclusive boats. On this basis Superfoils15 (SF15) was born, such an innovation boat, fully achieved in composite material.
SF15 will be available in 3 setups (standard, non-standard, customized) embellished by exclusive materials for interiors and finishing, completely editable (in customized and non-standard versions)
 according to client requests.

Superfoils 15

The Most Powerful Project. Superfoils 15.

based on the use of fluid dynamic removable flaps (named Foils)

Placed under the hull, flaps are allowing, while running, the lifting of the hull itself. Wings setting acts on the boat position on water as well, guaranteeing in complete safety very high top speed, extremely low consumption, unreachable comfort as no other boats can claim if not supported by such a technology.

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Our technology is based on leveling system and hydrofoils. The automatic leveling system keeps the vessel trimmed optimally making the passengers feel a new experience of comfort at high speed.
As the boat increases its speed the hydrofoils lift the hull up and out of the water, greatly reducing wetted area, resulting in decreased drag and increased speed. The system dynamically sets the foils optimal angle of attack.


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