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Superfoils 15

based on the use of fluid dynamic removable flaps (named Foils)

The goal of Inesse is to renew the nautical sector, technologically stopped for decades, introducing Super Foils 15, a unique boat in the world, the result of design, studies and testing of the highest level that hides a technological secret that will revolutionize the concept of navigation…
Placed under the hull, flaps are allowing, while running, the lifting of the hull itself. Wings setting acts on the boat position on water as well, guaranteeing in complete safety very high top speed, extremely low consumption, unreachable comfort as no other boats can claim if not supported by such a technology.


SF15 will be available in 3 setups (standard, non-standard, customized) embellished by exclusive materials for interiors and finishing, completely editable (in customized and non-standard versions)
 according to client requests.